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Taurus M. James Music

Moody instruMental Music, Piano, Sample Flip Beats and Tutorial Videos

Making Moody instruMental Music is my passion. Helping others to make their music better is my quest.

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Moody instruMental Musician

Moody instruMental Musician

This music is the Soundtrack of my Life and I'm grateful to be able to share it with you. As a self-taught composer/musician, I've spent more than a decade developing my signature sound by creating music that reflects my thoughts and feelings related to my various relocations around the USA.

Civilian Male Military Spouse

Male Military Spouse

I live by the saying "Service Before Self" in my home and abroad. As a Civilian Male Military Spouse, I support my wife (Air Force Officer) and daughter, while volunteering as mentor for other male military spouses. My music reflects my life and my many relocations around the United States.

Taurus M. James

Rev. Taurus M. James

You may hear me me say "Grace and Peace!" in my videos, but my music says it, too. The new life that I have in Christ Jesus is the main reason whi I make this music and pass on the knowledge that I have about making music. I give it all away freely in order to help others discover the "Grace and Peace" that I have in Christ.

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Faith, Music and Life of a Moody instruMental Musician

Grace and Peace!


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Here is a small sample of some of my Cinematic Movie Music, Piano Music, Sample Flip Beats.

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Quality instrumentals and beats produced by TaurusBeats combine all elements of the musical spectrum to create the perfect backgrounds for artists to tell their stories. Contact TaurusBeats to make custom beats from any instrumentals you find on for your artistic needs.

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My Cinematic Movie Music, Piano Music, Sample Flip Beats are available for purchase and licensing.

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